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About me

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Ana Velasco

Music is the universal language of mankind

(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Based in Barcelona, Spain, I create and produce music tracks for media. At a young age I started studying music theory, modern harmony and piano in my home town of Barcelona. With the pass of time, the passion for music leaded me to the field of music production, a fascinating never-ending journey that keeps my passion intact. It was in the last years that I recognized the music licensing field as the area I want to work and grow with as a producer. Always in the state of learning as a musician and producer.  At the same time,  conscious of the importance to keep the focus on the media market needs. Currently I provide cues to exclusive catalogs and libraries. I compose in different genres, specialized in Tension music, mainly hybrid tension (Electronic and Orchestral).

Working for libraries is a huge opportunity to learn about the music licensing industry. Always trying to improve the final product for the client by providing in each track as much options and flexibility as possible to the editors and Music Supervisors. At the end it’s all about a team vision and being aware of the needs of the industry. At the same time I compose tracks for non-exclusive libraries under the name of Glowworm. All works shown in this website belong to non-exclusive catalogs. This via was my first contact with the music licensing market and a path for learning and discover a world of music that has fully captivated me. I am currently affiliated with BMI.

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